Here are some of the
important acquisitions
we have made...
Two tickets belonging to a doctor who attended Ford's Theater the night Lincoln was shot

Descriptive first hand letters describing Lincoln's funeral in Washington, DC

Blood stained piece of dress belonging to an actress at Ford's Theater who held Lincoln's head in her lap the night he was shot

The black memoria1 ribbon from Lincoln's funeral at Springfield, IL

The unique Boos Collection of Lincolniana

Earliest known correspondence from Antarctica {1821)

Earliest known letter from Hawaii (1821)

Earliest known Oregon letter (1838)

Illinois pioneer correspondence (1768)

Earliest known San Francisco letter (1845)

First hand letter account of the taking of California by the U.S. in 1845

Correspondence of Jay Gould, the Robber Baron when he was starting out in business

The Clara Adams estate of aviation ephemera, including a large piece of the GRAF ZEPPELIN

Builders papers and letters for the schooner yacht AMERICA of the America's cup fame

Letter report of the U.S. Customs officer at New London, CT announcing the capture of the slave ship AMISTAD

Important correspondence of Lydia Sigourney, the famous 19th century feminist writer

Leahy correspondence of an officer in the 2nd Mass. Regiment (Afro-American) in the Civil War

Postal cover cancelled at Pearl Harbor Navy Yard at the exact hour and date of the attack

Original manuscript of the patriotic hymn "America" in the hand of, and signed by, the author

Original manuscript order banning flogging in the U.S. Marine Corps

Letter mailed from RMS LUSITANIA immediately before her fateful voyage

First hand letter describing the burning of the White House during the War of 1812

Earliest known use of the first U.S. postal card, 1873

Daybook of regiment of Marquis de Lafayette while in Newport, RI, during American Revolution

First hand letter describing the opening of the Cherokee Strip .

Document signed by Mercator Cooper, lst American to enter Japan (1845}

Plus tens of thousands of other important historical items