What They're
Saying About Us...
All of the following testimonial remarks are
from letters in our files.

"Thank you for your expert opinion. I enjoyed doing business with you and hope to do so again ..."
JG, California

"Thanks for your continued fairness and integrity. It's always a real pleasure doing business with you."
GD, New Jersey

"Thank you for the check. ..I appreciate the quick turnaround service you provide...My client is very happy with your buy offer ..."
WK (dealer), Michigan

"Many thanks for the check ...for the box of world covers ...I was really surprised. Picked them up while on vacation a house sale ..."
PC, Iowa

"I hope we can do business again in the future ..."
MG, Michigan

"I want to say a special thank you for your fine offer.'
HG, Illinois

"Thank you for the timely and trustworthy manner in which you do business. I was hesitant to send the covers to the Internet (to someone) unknown ..."
SW, Virginia

"Thank you for your check ...your service was prompt and satisfactory."
HO, Pennsylvania

"Several times in the past you purchased a group of covers from me and I was very satisfied with your offer ..."
JB, New Mexico

"The check was perfectly satisfactory ..."
RT, Virginia

"Sorry the (shipment) did not fit your needs, but I do wish to thank you for being so generous in sharing the postage charges and paying the postage to return my material." JT, Louisiana

"Your check arrived today and it is quite satisfactory...Thanks again."
DM, Florida

"Received your check...In all my 50 years (of collecting) I have never been paid so promptly. Thank you.
LG, Connecticut

"(Fred Schmitt is) an exceptionally reliable, honest and pleasant person."
AH, Arizona

"I appreciate your business techniques"

"You're a good man, Fred. Thanks for your attention to detail..."

"I appreciated your honest, fair and prompt response. Thank you."

"Thanks for the generous commission check."
WR (dealer), WI

"Check arrived today and I consider myself to have been very satisfactorily paid. Thank you very much."

"Thank you for your generous (check). You have our grateful prayers ..."

"You have always been fair in the past and I will continue to look for more."

Postcard from the Falkland Islands:
"Thanks for your purchase of my covers (helped pay for this trip!)"