Postal History


"Postal History" means the envelopes (known as "covers" in the philatelic hobby), folded letters and outer wrappers for correspondence and packages that have gone through the mails...either domestically or in the international mails. Such postal history extends back many centuries though "envelopes" (as they are known today) were not developed until the mid-19th century. There is a great demand for this postal history and we are one of the world's most active buyers of this material. If you have collections of postal history or old family correspondences, be sure to contact us for our prompt and fair offer.

Listed below are the many forms of Postal History that comprise our active "BUY" list...


Colonial to pre-1860 stampless covers

Letters with significant historical or human interest content

Better territorial covers

Western express covers

Civil War patriotics and postal history

Ocean mail

Interesting and unusual usages and destinations

Confederate States postal history

Fancy cancels and unusual postal markings

Specialized postal history collections

Better aerophilately: pioneer flights, transocean covers, zeppelins, historical flights, autographs, collateral material

No ordinary CAMs or FAMs please

Important autographs and manuscripts

Pre-1942 Antarctic expedition covers


Large accumulations and lots of foreign covers, especially commercial mail, bank and missionary correspondences

Censored covers. Premium for registered!

Foreign postal stationery lots

British Commonwealth

All Asia

Antarctic expedition covers

South and Central American postal history

Independent African postal history

Ship covers: worldwide naval, paquebot, mailboats, etc.

Specialized postal history collections

War covers

Airmail covers: zeppelins, transocean, crashes, pioneer and historical flights, collateral material

Historical: any cover with an interesting story to tell