By Fred Schmitt
Regular columns on the world of postal history that appear
in the pages of The American Stamp Dealer & Collector magazine.
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FROM 2009

April 2009
Saving Old Letters


May 2009
Attics Can Be Filled With Worthwhile Items


July-August 2009
Common wrappers can be really scarce


September 2009

Save Your Correspondences From Abroad


October 2009
Valuable Early Covers Are Still Out There


November-December 2009
On Finding Really Weird Covers


FROM 2010

January 2010
Finds From World War II Are Still Being Made


February 2010
More Weird Covers


May 2010
Louis Gruninís Fabulous Collection


June 2010
The Goldmine That eBay Can Be


July-August 2010
Multiples On Cover As An Investment


September 2010
America ís Stamps Used From The Orient


October 2010
American Commerce Depicted On Our Mails


November-December 2010
The Delights of Christmas Seal Collecting


FROM 2011

January 2011
Civil War Prisoner of War Covers


February 2011
Thereís Always A Market for Classic Valentines 


March 2011
Black Jack Covers Are Still Being Discovered


April 2011
Large multiples franked on cover

May 2011
The 1928 Beacon Airmail Stamp On Cover